The Best Neighborhoods in Durham, NC to Raise a Family

From Northgate Park to American Tobacco District - find out which neighborhoods in Durham NC are best suited for raising a family.

The Best Neighborhoods in Durham, NC to Raise a Family

Raising a family is a big decision, and finding the right neighborhood is an important part of that process. Durham, North Carolina is a great place to call home, with plenty of family-friendly neighborhoods to choose from. From Northgate Park to American Tobacco District, there's something for everyone in Durham. Beautiful Northgate Park is located just north of I-85, between Duke Street and Roxboro Road.

Most of the homes were built in the 1940s and 1950s and have been well-maintained. This green, leafy area has plenty of Southern charm and is perfect for active families and outdoor enthusiasts. The Parkwood Sports Association offers a variety of organized sports for both children and adults, while the Parkwood Swim Club is open to the public for an annual membership fee. It includes a lap pool as well as an area for younger children.

There are also plenty of parks and play areas nearby, as well as popular attractions like the Museum of Life and Science and Lake Jordan. The Streets at Southpoint, a huge shopping mall with restaurants, stores, and a movie theater, is just a few miles away. If you're looking for an exciting place to raise your family, downtown Durham is the perfect spot. It's a historic area that's also recognized as vibrant, creative, and diverse. There are plenty of events throughout the year that focus on food, culture, and the arts.

Research Triangle Park is another great option for families looking to move to Durham. With big tech companies like Apple, Google, and Meta opening centers in The Triangle, this area is expected to see an influx of professionals and families. Trinity Park is located between downtown Durham and Duke University's east campus. It's considered an excellent community for families, singles, retirees, and couples alike. The neighborhood association works hard to preserve the historic architecture, build a close-knit community, keep the neighborhood safe, and work on smart development.

Duke Park is another great option for families looking for a quiet residential area. As one of Durham's oldest neighborhoods, it's best known for its beautiful 1920s-style homes that were built around open green space. There are plenty of parks and play areas here too. Old West Durham is adjacent to Duke University's east campus and close to the main Duke campus. It's composed of quiet tree-lined streets with historic houses with large front porches.

Old West Durham has come a long way since its creation as an old mill town and now features locally owned bookstores, coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. Northgate Park in Durham is another great family-friendly neighborhood. With a variety of single-family homes as well as a large multi-acre park that shares the same name as the neighborhood, Northgate Park has something for everyone. There are walking and biking trails as well as a dog park here too. Finally, if you're looking for an established professional area with easy access to Duke University medical campus or Downtown Durham industrial center then American Tobacco District might be your best bet. Over the next 5 to 10 years resale values are expected to skyrocket as this area of Durham becomes one of the city's most sought after neighborhoods. No matter if you see yourself living close to the hustle and bustle of downtown Durham or if you prefer to settle down in a quiet neighborhood with newly built homes in Durham there's no right or wrong answer when it comes to finding a great neighborhood in Bull City.

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