Discovering the Historic and Landmark Districts of Durham, NC

Discovering Historic & Landmark Districts of Durham NC - Explore what makes each district unique & find out why they are great places to live!

Discovering the Historic and Landmark Districts of Durham, NC

Named after Brodie Duke, the original owner, the Duke Park neighborhood is a renowned historic area in Durham. In the 19th century, the area was mostly farmland for the Duke family, and it is said that people from North Durham were allowed to graze their animals on the Duke's land. Nowadays, there are many historic homes and a community that works to create a welcoming atmosphere for inhabitants of all ages. In addition to the character and charm of the centuries-old architectural gems that populate Duke Park, residents enjoy the lush green spaces and parks.

The Duke Park Preservation Initiative and the Duke Neighborhood Association protect history, home preservation, and development in the area. There is also a rich calendar of events in the neighborhood. Duke Park is an ideal area for buyers who appreciate historic homes and active community participation. Welcome to the heart of the city, the quintessence of everything dazzling and extraordinary.

Here's what to see, what to do and where to eat in downtown Durham. If you are looking for being surrounded by the best restaurants, breweries, and shops in Durham, then you might want to consider moving to downtown Durham, as it is the busiest and one of the most exciting neighborhoods in the city. Downtown Durham isn't just a historic area, but it is often recognized as a vibrant, creative, and diverse place to live that features several events throughout the year that focus on food, culture, and the arts. Often referred to as The Triangle, Research Triangle Park is the largest research park in the United States that houses hundreds of science and technology firms, government agencies, startups, and non-profit organizations.

Founded in 1959 and with an area of 7,000 acres in the region, many Research Triangle Park workers tend to live near Durham to ensure shorter travel times and convenience to get to and from work. Now that big tech companies Apple, Google and Meta have announced that they will open centers in The Triangle, Research Triangle Park expects a large influx of professionals and families to move to the neighborhood. Located between downtown Durham and Duke University's east campus, Trinity Park is considered an excellent community for families, singles, retirees, and couples to call home. With a neighborhood association dedicated to preserving the neighborhood's historic architecture, building a close-knit community, keeping the neighborhood safe, and working on smart development, Trinity Park residents will love living in this important Durham neighborhood.

Have a family picnic at Trinity Park Children's Park Are you looking for a quiet, peaceful residential area you can call home? Then look no further: Duke Park, a prized residential complex in North Durham. As one of Durham's oldest neighborhoods, Duke Park is best known for its beautiful 1920s-style homes that were built around open green space. With a playground, walking trails, picnic tables, and even a dog park that your furry friends will enjoy, it's safe to say that Duke Park has a lot to offer its residents. Also located near popular natural areas such as Pearl Mill Preserve and Ellerbe Creek, Duke Park residents are active citizens who can be found hiking, biking or exploring nature just outside of downtown Durham.

The Old West Durham neighborhood is adjacent to Duke University's east campus and close to the main Duke campus making it an ideal place for college students who are actively attending Duke University. Composed of quiet tree-lined streets and historic houses with large front porches Old West Durham has come a long way since its creation as an old mill town. Home to locally owned bookstores cute coffee shops casual bars and a number of relaxed restaurants Old West Durham is one of Durham's largest neighborhoods that has become a popular retail sector. With just over 2 000 residents living in this neighborhood Old West Durham is famous for its great ease of walking to and from campus as well as its accessibility to public transportation and bicycle-friendly streets.

Northgate Park in Durham is a quiet suburban neighborhood that's known for its family-friendly attractions such as the Interactive Museum of Life and Science which houses a magnificent butterfly conservatory. With a variety of single-family homes as well as a large multi-acre park that shares the same name as the neighborhood Northgate Park is not only an excellent place to settle down but it's also an outdoor enthusiast's dream as it has multiple walking trails biking trails as well as a dog park. Recognized as a safe walkable and diverse neighborhood in Durham Northgate Park is an ideal example of an amazing neighborhood in the Durham area. Have a picnic or walk through Northgate Park Primarily residential Old North Durham is located north of the Duke Ring Line and is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city having been first established in early 19th century.

Home to people of many ages gender identities races sexual orientations religions political backgrounds Old North Durham has undergone an exciting renovation as many homes are being renovated to welcome young professionals families moving into this area. Since Old North Durham is such a close-knit community there are several homeowners association board meetings held throughout year including annual social events plant sales. For more information on these events see their Old North Durham neighborhood Facebook page. It doesn't matter if you see yourself living close to hustle bustle downtown or if you prefer settling down in quiet neighborhood with newly built homes there's no right or wrong answer when it comes finding great neighborhood Bull City.

The purpose this panel was identify opportunities intentionally inclusive development would involve both community planning efforts well economic participation so each entity could work together towards preserving their unique identity while still allowing growth.

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